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Riordan Returns to Seattle Cascades Brass Staff

We celebrate the return of long-time Cascades veteran Joey Riordan to our 2022 Brass Staff! Joey's genuine passion for the organization and its members is as strong as his educational approach. A solid member of the Pacific Northwest team, we could not be more happy to have him join us for his 10th year with the Seattle Cascades. Joey began his marching career as a member of the 2006 and 2007 Seattle Cascades. In 2008 he joined the Boston Crusaders. In 2009 he joined the Madison Scouts where he aged out in 2011. After aging out, he joined the staff of the Cascades as a brass instructor and taught the corps from 2012 to 2019. Joey attended Central Washington University and Washington State University where he played tuba. He has degrees in anthropology and elementary education with a special education certification. Currently, he works as an elementary special education teacher and is working on his master’s degree in educational leadership from Eastern Washington University. Welcome back Joey!



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