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Virtual Auditons

Welcome to the Seattle Cascades Drum & Bugle Corps.  Thank you for considering our program. 

Seattle Cascades are a nationally touring competitive drum & bugle corps, based in the Pacific Northwest.

New to the activity? Learn more about our organization and values to by watching this 2 minute video.

Seattle Cascades Facebook Interest Groups are also available as sources of information:


Seattle Cascades 2023 Interest Group

Please contact the appropriate caption for audition information if you’re unable to find what you need in the website.

BRASS: Joey Riordan
VISUAL: Robert Blake
COLOR GUARD: Anthony Riederer
PERCUSSION:  Micah Brusse

Virtual Audition Details

Sections eligible for a Virtual Audition:

Color Guard

The Audition materials are included when registering for a Virtual Audition.  You will receive a confirmation email, after completing the registration process, with a link to download the materials

How do I submit a video audition?

Included in your virtual audition registration confirmation email will be your official link for submitting your video auditions. Please record the included audition material within the audition packets, then upload to the link provided in your confirmation email. 

Tip: Please make sure to use an email you can easily access and frequently check, and for any questions, please ask on our 2023 Facebook Interest Group! Please make sure you are recording all video auditions in Landscape orientation, we can see you clearly, in a bright environment, and that we can hear any music/speaking clearly. 

Register NOW!

No upcoming events at the moment

Financial Responsibility:
The 2023 member fee is $4,750.00.
Returning members receive a $100.00 discount for each year they have marched ($100.00 for one year, $200.00 for two years, $300.00 for three years, etc.)
Scholarships are available and will be announced after the audition season.
Member fees must be paid in full before Spring Training move-ins. Here is the estimated payment schedule as a reference:
1st payment: January – $750.00
2nd payment: February – $800.00
3rd payment: March – $800.00
4th payment: April – $800.00

5th payment: May - $800.00
Final payment: June – $800.00
Refunds: please refer to the members handbook for the refund policy.

What Happens if I am Offered Membership in the Seattle Cascades?
If you have been offered a position in the Corps you must take care of your paperwork and membership payments confirming your acceptance of your contract offer immediately.  You must pay $750.00 of your 2023 Tour Fees within 10 days of receiving your contract offer.

If you have any questions about the application process or fees, contact our director, Ray Severns.

Our 2022 educational program is structured around a series of virtual assignments, physical conditioning and monthly in-person rehearsals, followed by an extended spring training camp and a full national tour. 

Learn more about our values here. 

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