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Ryan Burnett: 2024 Front Ensemble Coordinator

We are thrilled to announce Ryan Burnett as the Front Ensemble Coordinator for the Seattle Cascades in 2024.

With a passion for percussion and a wealth of experience in the marching arts, Ryan brings a dynamic and innovative approach to the forefront of our ensemble.

Hailing from a background of excellence in percussion education, Ryan has proven himself as a dedicated and inspiring leader in the marching community. His journey includes rich achievements, from working with renowned ensembles to pushing the boundaries of musical expression.

As the Front Ensemble Coordinator, Ryan is set to elevate the Seattle Cascades' musical experience to new heights. His commitment to fostering a creative environment promises an exciting season for both performers and audiences alike. Under his guidance, the front ensemble is poised to deliver captivating performances that blend precision, emotion, and artistic flair.

Join us in welcoming Ryan Burnett to the Seattle Cascades family, where the beat of innovation meets the pulse of excellence. Together, we embark on a musical journey that promises to leave an indelible mark on the 2024 season.



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