This team manages a diverse collection of duties for the drum corps. Those who volunteer are essential to the success of the group.


Not only will you take part in enriching the lives of the young men and women that participate in this group, but you' will be part of a legacy that goes back  for more than half a century!

Your Next Opportunity

Our True Heroes

Nothing currently, due to COVID restrictions.  Please check back when in-person events possible.

The time commitment is based on your availability. We take volunteers that are able to serve from a few hours to a camp weekend, and even for parts, if not all, of the summer tour!

Volunteers are welcomed to travel with the drum corps. This includes transportation, meals served from our food truck, and lodging needs along the way.


  • Event Staff @ DCI Seattle

  • Sewing, Uniforms, Costumes

  • Driving

  • Cooking



  • Merchandise 

  • Fleet Maintenance

  • Media

  • Health & Wellness



How Can I Help?

If you have more questions, or would like to volunteer, email Rod at: