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Our True Heroes

This team manages a diverse collection of duties for the drum corps. Those who volunteer are essential to the success of the group.

The time commitment is based on your availability. We take volunteers that are able to serve from a few hours to a camp weekend, and even for parts, if not all, of the summer tour!

Volunteers are welcomed to travel with the drum corps. This includes transportation, meals served from our food truck, and lodging needs along the way.


Not only will you take part in enriching the lives of the young men and women that participate in this group, but you' will be part of a legacy that goes back  for more than half a century!


  • Event Staff @ DCI Seattle

  • Sewing, Uniforms, Costumes

  • Driving

  • Cooking



  • Merchandise 

  • Fleet Maintenance

  • Media

  • Health & Wellness



How Can I Help?

Volunteer Opportunities at Camps

Registration, volunteers are needed to:

  • checking in the members

  • collecting paperwork

  • medical information

  • providing name badges

  • any other registration needs

Transportation, volunteers are needed to:

  • Drive a box truck with equipment from warehouse to/from the camp. Regular license is needed.

  • Drive a rental tractor truck to move the equipment/food trailers to/from camp ‐ a CDL is needed.


Sewing Crew, volunteers are needed to:

  • Measure, alter and fit the members with a uniform.


Medical, one person is needed per shift.


Food Crew, volunteers are needed to:

  • For Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner ‐ 6 volunteers are needed per shift.

  • For Snack‐ 4 volunteers are needed per shift.

  • For a camp weekend, there are 7 shifts total (Memorial Day weekend there are 10).

Volunteer Opportunities on Tour

Kitchen Crew

Our Mobile Kitchen runs smoothly with volunteers like you!  No experience necessary.
We need volunteers for our weekend camps, training camp, as well as our National Tour.  Our Mobile Kitchen prepares and cooks 800 meals per day for our very hungry members and staff.


Truck Driving

Driving is a critical part of supporting the Seattle Cascades.  The class A commercial trucks and other support vehicles carry all of the members’ performance equipment, show prop’s, as well as food supplies and cooking equipment.  Veteran drivers will give you an orientation to the pleasures of driving.  Our goal is to have you paired with another volunteer driver, and you will usually be in a convoy of support vehicles.  A valid driver’s license for the type of equipment you are trained on is all that is required.  We travel in class A commercial tractors, class A motor homes, and a range of class C passenger vans and truck/trailer combinations.

If you are interested in sharing the adventure with your performer, or just looking for some adventure of your own.


The medical volunteer on shift would provide on-site early medical assessment of injuries/complaints as well as minor first aid care and spot checks of the members, staff, and volunteers as needed. They would call emergency medical help as needed and help coordinate transportation to a local hospital or urgent care clinic as the need arises. Additionally, a medical person is needed for each week of the nationwide tour. For more information, contact

Sewing Crew

Sewing Crew volunteers would help with uniform measurements, fittings and alterations during the weekend camps. On tour, the seamstress would travel with the volunteer crew and handle uniform alterations, repairs and maintenance on a daily basis.  Additionally, a sewing crew person is needed for each week of the nationwide tour.

Find out about our current volunteer opportunities

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