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2024 Visual Assistant Caption Head: Matt Barnes

Known for his exceptional leadership skills, innovative approach to visual design, and commitment to excellence, Matt Barnes brings a wealth of experience that promises to elevate the Seattle Cascades to new heights.

Matt Barnes is no stranger to the world of drum corps. With an impressive background in both marching and designing, Barnes has left an indelible mark on every organization he's been a part of. His journey began as a talented member of the Troopers, where he honed his skills as a performer and developed a deep appreciation for the art of visual design.

Matt has contributed to the success of several world-class ensembles, earning a reputation as a dynamic and forward-thinking visual designer. His approach to visual design goes beyond traditional concepts, blending athleticism with artistry to create performances that captivate audiences and judges alike.

In a recent statement, Matt expressed his excitement about joining the Seattle Cascades and the potential for collaboration with the talented staff and performers. He emphasized the importance of creating a culture of excellence, fostering individual growth, and pushing the envelope of innovation in visual performance.

One of the hallmarks of Matt's leadership style is his emphasis on community and collaboration. He understands that creating a successful drum corps program is not just about individual talent but about the collective strength of the entire organization. With a collaborative spirit, he aims to bring out the best in each performer while fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie within the Seattle Cascades.

The appointment of Matt Barnes as the 2024 Visual Assistant Caption Head for the Seattle Cascades marks a significant moment in the corps' history. The drum corps world awaits the magic that will unfold as Matt Barnes leads the Seattle Cascades into a new era of visual excellence.



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