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Who We Are

To provide youth with exceptional educational and life-enhancing experiences in the performing arts.

Helping shape the lives of more than 5000 young people since 1966.



The Seattle Cascades are the Pacific Northwest’s oldest youth organization in the marching arts, representing our region throughout the country for more than 50 years.  

Traveling the USA

Each summer, we travel more than 13,000 miles across the United States, competing in some of the nation’s most iconic NFL and collegiate sporting venues including Sports Authority Stadium in Denver (CO), the Alamo Dome in San Antonio (TX), the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta (GA), and Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis (IN).


Building Community

We believe the drum corps experience serves as a catalyst to help young people acquire the positive life skills and values that will benefit them and their community throughout their lives.  

Our educational programs are designed to:

  • Enhance life skills to become outstanding members of the community

  • Promote dedication, responsibility and teamwork even under challenging or adverse conditions

  • Offer opportunities to experience, develop and practice strong leadership skills

  • Provide a venue for members to perform artistically at the highest possible level


Experience of a Lifetime

Marching in the Seattle Cascades is an incredible experience for young people. Not only is the national tour exhilarating, but members also make new lifelong friends, hone in their performance skills, and become more mature and responsible young adults.

We strongly promote community service, inclusiveness, diversity and personal responsibility as core tenets of our educational program.

Pacific Northwest Proud

We are proud to represent our Pacific Northwest values on the national stage. Our members and their families demonstrate these values each and every day in their own lives and communities.  We do our best to actively encourage and support local music and arts education programs wherever we go. 

International Students

Most members of the Seattle Cascades primarily come from the Northwest however, we've had membership extend out to numerous states across the country.. We've also had international participants from spanning many different countries, including Canada, Japan, The Netherlands, and Italy!

The Experience Journey

Each season begins with Open House in December where potential members have the opportunity to work with our Educational Team and learn about the organization, it's history, key people involved, and vision for the future.


Beginning in January, the corps holds monthly camps that run from Friday night to Sunday afternoon (Mondays for holiday weekends). The members stays in high schools for the weekend. Members bring sleeping bags and shower supplies to prepare for their stay and food is provided by our 51-foot mobile kitchen and food crew.


The Camp experience is a great way to and make new friends who share common interests.  Camps are a microcosm of the summer tour - they're a ton of fun. During Camps, the corps learns the upcoming season’s show and techniques associated with performing with excellence.

The Cascades move into a Northwest high school in June to kick off spring training where rehearsals intensify in preparation for tour. In early July, the corps hits the road full time aboard charter buses and an entourage of support vehicles. The entire ensemble resides in schools and sees vast amounts of our country from coast to coast.


The tour begins in the Northwest with shows in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho and then moves through our neighboring mountain range, The Rockies.


The tour then continues into the South, up the East Coast, through the Northeast, and concludes in the Midwest where the Cascades perform at the Drum Corps International World Championships in Indianapolis, IN in early August.

Members then fly home after a great summer! 

Awards and Recognition

DCI Division III Champions       DCI Division II - Silver       DCI World Class Semi Finalists       DCI World Class Finalists














1966 All American Judges Association National Champions
1976 American Legion Color Guard National Champions
1982 Veteran of Foreign Wars Color Guard National Champions

2000 DCI Spirit of Disney Award

2016 Freedom of Colors Parade Winner

2016 Freedom of Colors Parade Judges Choice

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