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To provide youth with exceptional educational and life-enhancing experiences in the performing arts.

Joining the staff of the Seattle Cascades Drum Corps is an exhilarating journey into the heart of precision, passion, and musical excellence

As a member of this esteemed organization, one becomes part of a tight-knit community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression through drum corps.


From the electrifying energy of rehearsals to the awe-inspiring performances, every moment is infused with the pursuit of perfection and camaraderie.


Being on staff at the Seattle Cascades is not just a role; it's a profound commitment to shaping the future of marching arts and leaving an indelible mark on the world of drum corps. 

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Health & Wellness Team

Posted 3/20/2024

The Seattle Cascades are in search of members for our Health and Wellness Team including but not limited to EMTs, Athletic Trainers, Doctors, RNs, and mental health professionals.


You can join us during camp season and/or tour. You can join us for a weekend camp, a week, several weeks, or the whole tour. Each discipline will stick to their trained duties and branch out into some unique drum corps duties.

Download the job description and email the required documentation.


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