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Northwest Youth Music Association/Seattle Cascades Policies & Procedures


Seattle Cascades Drum and Bugle Corps is operated by the Northwest Youth Music Association (NYMA), a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation.  The NYMA Board of Directors is fully committed to protecting the health, welfare and safety of all individuals who participate in our programs, while providing a positive and enriching educational experience to our marching members. 


Below, you will find links to our current Policies and Procedures, and the most recently published Member Handbook. If you have questions or concerns, you are encouraged to contact our Board of Directors via e-mail to

NYMA Youth Protection Policy (In Person Events)

Northwest Youth Music Association (NYMA) has a zero-tolerance policy toward all forms of harassment and abuse, including but not limited to discrimination, hazing, bullying, sexual harassment and other forms of abusive behaviors. This zero-tolerance policy means that NO form of discriminatory or harassing conduct by or towards any member, instructor, staff, volunteer, or other person within our corps activities will be tolerated. We are committed to enforcing this policy at all levels within the organization.

NYMA Whistleblower Policy

NYMA is committed to taking all reasonable steps to prevent harassment and unethical, illegal or unsafe conduct and will make every reasonable effort to promptly and completely address and correct any such  conduct that may occur. This policy explains how to report your concerns, and how we will handle any such concerns reported. 

NYMA Physical Safety Guidelines​

This policy defines how our administrative and health staff will protect the physical safety of our members, and the procedures to follow should a member be injured or become ill..  It also covers our procedures for working with members with chronic conditions such as Asthma or Anaphyaxis,

NYMA Staff Communications Policy

This policy seeks to ensure that any contact between staff, volunteers, administrators, directors or other representative of the Seattle Cascades and students, members or prospective members occurring on social media, e-mail or other forms of electronic communications is appropriate and professional, and takes place in ways that protect the rights and privacy of all parties involved.  This policy applies to all persons representing the Seattle Cascades in any capacity.

NYMA Seattle Cascades Member Handbook

This handbook contains member information about policies, health and wellness, financial obligations and all information needed for touring on the road with the Seattle Cascades.

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