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Experience Camps


Life Changing Moment

We are excited to share our 2024 drum corps with you!

New to the activity?
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Upcoming Camp Dates

Whether it’s your first time auditioning or you’re hoping to return to the organization for another season, we are eager to welcome you.  Your journey to excellence starts here, at one of our 2024 experience camps.


What Are You Looking For When I Audition?
Auditions will give the staff an idea of your music, marching, movement, and equipment handling skills.

We will also be looking at several other factors, including:

  • Positive attitude.

  • Work ethic.

  • Commitment to effort.

  • Ability to process information and instruction and apply it to exercises.

  • Ability to handle constructive criticism in a positive manner.

  • Interaction with other members

  • Ability to attend all camps and move into Spring Training (some flexibility is allowed due to school commitments but this is our expectation).


In addition to an audition in a rehearsal setting, each prospective member will also be interviewed by the appropriate caption head.


Our marching member Code of Conduct will give you an idea of our organization’s expectation for its members.

Oh yes, in case you think we forgot to mention this: enjoy yourself! Stay positive and don’t lose sight of your goals and objectives. You are here because you enjoy doing this, and the staff does recognize your effort in coming to be here with us.

Commitment, dedication, and teamwork are the cornerstones of our organization. The Seattle Cascades have 56 years of tradition and pride. We encourage your participation, and look forward to seeing you soon.

Audition Materials

An email and link to the Audition Materials are included after registering for an Experience Camp.

What Do I Need to Bring to the Experience Camps?​

  • A positive attitude and willingness to learn.

  • All musicians: three ring binder with plastic sleeves and a pencil.

  • Change of clothes for the weekend. Plan to dress in layers. It will be warm in the gym and cold outside.

  • Comfortable marching shoes.

  • Sleeping Bag and Pillow

  • Showering supplies and Toiletries

  • Your own instrument / guard equipment (in particular brass) if possible, to ensure you have something to use throughout the audition weekends.

Housing and food are all provided, and attendance at all experience camps is mandatory unless you have a previously-approved school conflict. 

Financial Responsibility
The 2024 member fee is $5,000.00. Scholarships are available and will be announced after the audition season. Member fees must be paid in full before Spring Training move-ins.


Estimated Payment Schedule

1st:     Jan 1st     $750.00
2nd:    Feb 1st    $850.00
3rd:    Mar 1st    $850.00
4th:     Apr1st      $850.00

5th:     May 1st    $850.00
Final:  Jun 1st     $850.00

Refunds: please refer to the members handbook for the refund policy.

What Happens if I am Offered Membership in the Seattle Cascades?
If you have been offered a position in the Corps you must take care of your paperwork and membership payments confirming your acceptance of your contract offer immediately. 

Our 2024 educational program is structured around a series of virtual assignments, physical conditioning and monthly in-person rehearsals, followed by an extended spring training camp and a full national tour. 

NOTE: Percussion and Color Guard members may be required to submit video assignments during the winter months that they are not attending camps.

If you have any questions about the application process or fees, contact our director, Ray Severns.

Airport Shuttle To Camps

The cost is $20. Please contact our Operations Director, Jeremy Bennett if you have questions about the shuttle. 

  • Portland area camps please fly into PDX

  • Seattle area camps please fly into SEA


If you’re unable to find what you need on the website, please contact the appropriate caption for audition information.



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