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Sponsor a Meal

This summer the Seattle Cascades will spend over $120,000 on food alone. Our mobile food truck serves two hundred people, four times per day until the summer tour comes to a close in August. That is 800 meals a day for 76 days for a total of 60,800 meals!


It is one of the largest expenses that we incur as we work to sustain a healthy group of members on their summer journey. 

Due to the overwhelming physical activity that our students endure, it is estimated that they will burn calories equivalent to a marathon runner... each day. 

Your support this will have a major impact on the health and sustainability of our members as they perform across the country.

Please consider donating a single meal, a full day's worth or any amount you feel comfortable with to help us hit our goal. 

Purchase All Meals for a Day!


Purchase a Single Meal for a Day!

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