Seattle Cascades are a World Class competitive drum & bugle corps. Our mission is to empower young people with opportunities to grow themselves and their communities through transformative educational experiences in the marching arts. We continue to grow and challenge ourselves to achieve even greater heights as we embark on our next journey.

Learn more about our organization by watching this 2 minute video.

How do I get started?

We are all eager to return to in-person rehearsals and performing on the field. While we're not quite there yet, that time is rapidly approaching!  It's time to get prepared!

Our Summit program was a 3 month series based on individualized instruction in Brass, Percussion, Color Guard and marching technique. Building on this experience, our e-Camp program is a virtual group based instruction model, using Zoom meetings.  We hope to be able to transition to an in-person experience for the summer, and our e-Camps are a great way to get yourself ready to get back on the field.

One Day e-Camps

At our May e-Camp we will feature Broadway and hip hop performer Nicole K. Lambert as well as Color Guard designer and choreographer Michael James to share their experiences and talents. 

e-Camp sessions are open to all interested students!  

  • If you are new to the Seattle Cascades, or did not participate in the Summit program, this camp is free.  You must register by clicking the button above to get your invitation.  

  • If you are a Summit Student there is no additional cost for these sessions, and you will automatically receive an invitation to both e-Camps. You do need to register for this camp to reserve an invitation.