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“Cascades is family, It's an educational opportunity, it's a way to better yourself all around! I would not be the person that I am today or the future music educator that I'll be without this organization.”

- Nick Novy, Head Drum Major 2017-18


Seattle Cascades are a World Class competitive drum & bugle corps. Our mission is to empower young people with opportunities to grow themselves and their communities through transformative educational experiences in the arts. We continue to grow and challenge ourselves to achieve even greater heights as we embark on our 2020 journey.

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For 2020, the Seattle Cascades will be looking for talented performers in brass., percussion, and color guard of ages 14 - 21. Those accepted for the 2020 season will embark on the journey of a lifetime.. Contracted members will meet for a weekend every month in the Seattle area for rehearsal camps and will come together in early June to begin "All Days" or "Move Ins" before they hit the 10,000 mile summer tour for the summer.

How It Works

Auditions will begin in November this year. The format is meant to reduce as much stress as possible. Students will be evaluated while being immersed in a world class drum corps experience.

Everyone is encouraged to attend, even for those who might not be able to march in the 2020 season. This will give you an idea of the physical and musical demands that this activity requires. Get your foot in the door, the more exposure you have in front of our staff and leadership, the better chances you'll have of being contracted!

The December camp fee is $150.00. Once a student is contracted the camp fee for January - May is applied to their tuition fees. However, if they are not contracted then they have to pay the $150.00 camp fee and it does not go towards their tuition. 


Returning members can get a discount toward their tuition if they bring someone to camp and that person earns a contract.  


Once contacted if a member is paid in full by April 27, 2020, they will receive an early bird discount of a $100.00 

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Video Auditions

Video auditions can be arranged on a case by case basis for those who can't make it to an Audition Camp. You will submit your video to your caption supervisor showcasing your skills and fundamentals. However, sending in and audition video that is approved won't entirely secure a spot in the drum corps. A down payment towards the 2020 tuition will need to be made as well as attending selected mandatory rehearsal camps. Please contact your caption supervisor for details.  Send an e-mail  brass supervisor Chuck Naffier, percussion supervisor Micah Brusse or guard supervisor Brian Greenleaf at the links below to begin the process. If you have any other questions please also reach out to our educational director John Wilkerson.  All emails are listed below.

The video audition requirements are the same as the in-person auditioning requirements, which are available to download for free.

Once you are ready to audition, please download the video audition Instructions below.  ( Brass) ( Percussion ) ( Color Guard) ( Educational Director)

There is a $50 registration fee for all video auditions. This fee must be paid at the time of submission, and you need to include a copy of the e-mailed receipt when you provide the link to your video.  You can pay the fee by clicking the button below:

2020 Camp Schedule

We hope to see many of you return for 2020, here are important dates for your schedules:

  • February

    • Seattle 21st-23rd Brass & Percussion

  • March

    • Seattle 20th-22nd Brass

  • April

    • Seattle 24th-26th Full Corps/ Colorguard Callback Auditions

  • May

    • 22nd -25th Full Corps 

  • June

    • Spring training June 5th

These dates are subject to change, so please monitor the website for updates and locations!  Tour schedule will be provided once finalized. However  I can tell you this will be an exciting tour with new adventures!

What to Bring to Camp

Prospective members should dress and prepare for physical activity (marching, running, stretching, dance, ect.). Bring tennis shoes and wear comfortable clothing such as shorts and a light t-shirt. Do bring a sweatshirt or extra layers in case temperature fluctuates or we go outside! Don't forget your water bottle or jug!

For overnight camps, members will need to be prepared to stay overnight. This includes bringing shower gear, toiletries, an air matress, sleeping bag, and everything that you'll need for an overnight say.

Brass Players

Bring your mouthpiece and plan to bring your instrument. If you don't have one to bring, we will provide an instrument for you


Instruments will be provided for prospective members. Bring your drum pad and sticks if you own them.

Color Guard

Equipment will be provided for you. Be sure to bring clothing that is ideal for dancing and movement.

Are you flying to Seattle?

Last year, we welcomed members from 12 states! If you plan on flying into camp, here are a couple of tips. Schedule your flight to arrive on Friday around 4pm and depart around 7pm on Sunday (or Monday for Memorial Weekend Camp. Fly into Sea-Tac International Airport and include your flight information in the registration form. We provide a shuttle service to and from the airport. To cover the cost of fuel and drivers, this service is $20. When you sign up for camp, be sure to include the "SeaTac Airport Shuttle Service" ticket. You'll be contacted a few days prior to camp to finalize your transportation needs. If you have any questions about the shuttle service, email Rod at

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Corps Director | Brian M. Smith

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