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Experience Day


Seattle Cascades are a nationally touring competitive drum & bugle corps, based in the Pacific Northwest. New to the activity? Learn more about our organization and values to by watching this 2 minute video.

Our 2023 ducational program is structured around a series of virtual assignments, physical conditioning and monthly in-person rehearsals, followed by an extended spring training camp and a full national tour.    Member experience, health and welfare are central to our educational mission. 

Learn more about our values here. 

The Seattle Cascades Experience Day is the ultimate drum corps experience for all performers. You can check out our educational Experience Clinics featuring the Seattle Cascades staff to help hone your skills as a performer and prepare for drum corps auditions! If you want to be a member of the Seattle Cascades in 2024, then check out our Experience Day! The full Seattle Cascades experience that not only allows you to prepare for an audition for the Seattle Cascades, but gives you a taste of what it’s like to be a member, from our pedagogy, to our culture, and family!


NOTE: THESE ARE NOT AUDITION EVENTS. The experience clinics are for educational purposes. Please register for an Experience Camp to audition for the Drum Corps.

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