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Now Hiring: Program Coordinator

The Northwest Youth Music Association is searching for a Program Coordinator to lead all aspects of the Seattle Cascades Drum and Bugle Corps Design Team, which includes providing a high-quality experience centered on the health, wellness and betterment for members, staff, and volunteers.

The Program Coordinator is the primary leader of the Drum and Bugle Corps Design Team. The individual develops a vision and design philosophy for each year's production and leads the Design Team in a collaborative process to create and implement that production. The Program Coordinator is charged with creating a show that appeals to audiences; inspires youth to audition for the corps; enables performers to demonstrate the highest level of achievement; and adheres to the constructs of a successful drum and bugle corps production.

The Program Coordinator is responsible for staffing the Design Team by suggesting prospective individuals and actively participating in the hiring process. They may also assess instructional effectiveness and suggest future staffing changes to help ensure successful and timely implementation of the production.

The Program Coordinator works closely with the Executive Director to establish and manage a production budget. Like most nonprofits’ arts organizations, Seattle Cascade’s resources are limited; therefore, it is expected that the Program Coordinator will leverage the creativity of the Design Team to meet the above goals within the budgetary reality. The individual is expected to help establish and maintain a professional, safe, and welcoming environment for all personnel -- including students, staff, and volunteers.

The Program Coordinator will report to the Corps Director. This position works collaboratively with the Corps Director to determine the education and performance goals of the drum corps. All paid and volunteer Design Team staff of the drum corps will report to the Program Coordinator.

This position has a tentative start date of October 30, 2022

Duties and Responsibilities

Lead the Design Team

· Establish a creative, supportive, and collaborative work environment

· Develop a vision and design philosophy for the production

· Schedule and lead meetings

· Set the production schedule and ensure that deadlines are met

· Evaluate the progress of the performers, and revise elements of the production as needed throughout the season.

Work closely with the Executive Director and Corps Director

· Meet regularly with the Executive Director and Corps Director to ensure that program goals align with the strategic, management, and financial goals of the organization

· Coordinate with the Executive Director to develop the production budget.

· Manage the Design budget to ensure that expenditures are within the budget approved by the Board of Directors

Collaborate with instructional leaders

· Ensure open, precise communication with instructional leaders.

· Observe rehearsal to assess progress and make design revisions as needed throughout the season.

· Suggest changes to instructional leadership that will help ensure the greatest level of student achievement


· 3 - 5 years’ experience working in a similar position for a DCI, WGI, or a well-regarded high school ensemble.

· Performing experience with a DCI World Class or WGI World Class ensemble is preferred, but not required.

· Experience managing creative processes

· Ability to control expenses to budget

· Success in managing large teams of individuals

· Demonstrated skill at effectively communicating with students and staff.

· Ability to adapt to unplanned circumstances, e.g. changes to rehearsal facilities and schedules

Work Conditions

· This is a full-time position.

· Residing in the Seattle/Portland area, is highly preferred.

· Ability to attend winter rehearsals occasionally with the corps mid-Nov to mid-June

· Ability to tour occasionally with the corps mid-June to mid-August

· Access to a home-office with requisite technology to accomplish the tasks and duties above

· Travel for up to 10 hours on a vehicle, which may include tour bus, RV, van, etc.

· Sleep in a vehicle during travel

· Stand for long periods of time

· Work outdoors for up to four-hour time blocks during the summer in a variety of climates


· Compensation is commensurate with experience

Application Instructions

Seattle Cascades is committed to enhancing our diverse work environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, parental status, veteran status, or any other protected status under applicable laws. We encourage individuals of all backgrounds to apply.

Interested applicants should submit contact information to , along with a cover letter and resume (PDF preferred)



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