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Steve Menefee, 2024 Brass Caption Supervisor

In an exciting development for the Seattle Cascades, Steve Menefee, has taken on the role of Brass Caption Supervisor.

This addition marks a significant step forward for the organization as they strive for excellence in their musical performances. Having built a distinguished career in the marching arts, Steve has honed his skills as a performer, educator, and administrator over the years.

His journey in the drum corps activity has included contributions to various ensembles, earning him a reputation as a dedicated and innovative leader. Steve's commitment to musical education and his ability to inspire performers make him a valuable asset to any organization aiming to reach new heights.

As Brass Caption Supervisor, Steve will play a pivotal role in shaping the musical identity of the Seattle Cascades. This position involves overseeing and guiding the brass section, ensuring that every performer reaches their full potential. Steve’s expertise will be crucial in developing a cohesive and impactful brass performance that complements the overall artistic vision of the corps.

Steve's approach to brass instruction goes beyond technical proficiency; he emphasizes the importance of musicianship, expression, and emotional connection in every performance. This holistic approach aligns with the Seattle Cascades' commitment to creating memorable and impactful shows that resonate with audiences.

With Steve at the helm of the brass caption, the Seattle Cascades are poised for a bright future. His vision for the ensemble goes beyond competition scores; he aims to cultivate a culture of musical excellence, camaraderie, and personal growth within the brass section.

Under Steve's guidance, the Seattle Cascades can look forward to elevating their brass performance to new heights. His innovative ideas, combined with the corps' existing strengths, promise an exciting and dynamic musical journey for both performers and audiences alike.



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