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Remaining Positions

Last Chance!

We are excited to share our 2024 drum corps with you!

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Positions Available 

Whether it’s your first time auditioning or you’re hoping to return to the organization for another season, we are eager to welcome you.  There are a few open positions still available as we have currently started building out the production. 

In the Northwest, Spring Training starts later than most regions since school gets out later. Our Spring Training begins on Saturday, June 8th in the Oregon coastal mountain range, west of Portland, Oregon.

We understand that funding might always be the biggest challenge to your involvement, but reach out to us and find out what options are available to you. You might be surprised.

The following positions are available as of 6-12-2024:

3 Baritones

2 Tubas

3 Trumpets

5 Guard

Caption Managers

Please reach out if you have specific questions about your section.



Micah Brusse

g-anthony-riederer copy_edited.jpg


Anthony Riederer

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