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Megan Sellman Joins the 2024 Cascades!

It is with great excitement and anticipation that we present Megan Sellman as the Movement Director and Choreographer for the Seattle Cascades in 2024.

With an illustrious background in movement science and a proven track record in elevating artistic performance, Megan brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the team. Megan's journey in the realm of movement began with a deep-seated curiosity about the intricate connections between body mechanics and optimal performance.

Her commitment to excellence is evident in her work, consistently pushing boundaries and redefining what is achievable through dedicated training, precision, and expression. Megan's innovative approach to movement analysis and tailored training programs has garnered recognition, making her a sought-after professional in the marching arts world.

As the Movement Director for the Seattle Cascades, Megan Sellman is poised to make a significant impact on the team's physical conditioning, agility, and overall artistry. Her dedication to fostering a culture of continuous improvement aligns seamlessly with the Cascades' commitment to pushing boundaries and reaching new heights in their educational programming.

Get ready to witness the Seattle Cascades undergo a transformative journey under the expert guidance of Megan Sellman. The 2024 season promises to be a thrilling chapter in the corp's history, with Megan at the helm, steering the Cascades toward unprecedented levels of performance and success.

Where precision meets passion, and movement becomes art.



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