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DeMoulin Bros & Co. partners with The Cascades for their 2020 season

The Northwest Youth Music Association and the Seattle Cascades are pleased to announce a new partnership with DeMoulin Bros & Co for the 2020 season.

Under the creative direction of Chad Duggan, in this new partnership DeMoulin will provide custom-designed uniforms and costumes for the Seattle Cascades 2020 season. Duggan’s creative designs will utilize innovative and environmentally friendly fabric selections as well as custom and in- stock products offered by DeMoulin Bros & Co. According to Corps Director Brian M. Smith, this new partnership opens a wide range of possibilities for the Seattle Cascades.

“We are thrilled DeMoulin Bros & Co has invited us to venture into this partnership with them for the 2020 season,” said Smith. “We are looking forward to the creativity that Chad will bring to us as our production comes together for the field. I am confident that through his costuming Chad will truly bring to life the creative vision Darryl Pemberton and Brian Greenleaf have conceptualized for our 2020 production.”

Steven Trull, Vice President of DeMoulin Bros & Co, shares, “The Seattle Cascades have a long history and exciting new leadership for 2020. DeMoulin is proud to partner with the Cascades and to join in supporting the educational efforts of the organization. We will work closely with designer, Chad Duggan, to create a new look that will make the staff and membership proud.”

Founded in 1892, DeMoulin Bros & Co is the world’s largest and oldest manufacturer of music performance group apparel in the world. The Seattle Cascades are the oldest youth organization in the pageantry arts in the Pacific Northwest, now representing the region for over 50 years.

In correlation with DeMoulin Bros, Dance Sophisticates, also under the design of Chad Duggan will produce the 2020 colorguard costume for Seattle Cascades. For the past 35 years Dance Sophisticates has been a leading design company in the marching arts


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