Imagine Seattle without the Summer Music Games

Seattle has been the heart of a long tradition of drum corps in the Pacific Northwest. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for the first time in many years we will go through the summer without a Drum Corps International show.

We need your help to bring back the largest DCI event in the Pacific Northwest in 2021.

The Northwest Youth Music Association and the Seattle Cascades are the host organization for this event. Your ticket purchases each year help fund our educational programs, including our national tour, and enable us to keep our student tuition and fees competitive, and as low as possible. The Seattle Summer Music Games are our single largest fundraising event. Without it, there is a significant gap in our 2021 budget that you can help alleviate.

If you planned to purchase tickets this summer, we would love you to consider making a donation to the Seattle Cascades in that amount.

We are counting on fans like you to help us survive through the fall so we can return strong in 2021.

Please visit for more info.

Seattle Summer Music Games