2020 DCI Summer Tour Cancellation


Over the last few weeks, the member corps of DCI have met and discussed the current state of the nation and drum corps as a whole. With the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to make decisions based on the health and welfare of our members, staff, volunteers, and communities in which we rehearse and perform.

Now, unfortunately, this means we had to make the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 summer tour. It would be irresponsible to continue planning for the 2020 tour with as many opened ended questions we have been encountering when it comes to the experience of a summer tour. The 2020 tour was shaping up to be a fantastic year, and we are extremely saddened to make this choice.

The Seattle Cascades are committed to making 2021 a valuable and robust year for our members. We are in the early planning stages of having monthly webinars with any member planning on marching the 2021 season. There may also be some opportunities shortly for small groups and localized performances in the Seattle and Dallas areas. In the coming days, we will be emailing all contracted members to offer them a spot in our 2021 ensemble. We understand that committing is a difficult decision, and any member of the administration would be happy to talk to you about your options. The directors, staff, and board of directors are confident that we can continue the excellent work we have started in 2020 and develop an even stronger 2021 corps.

Here is a link to the official DCI announcement: Member Corps Vote to Cancel 2020 Tour

We have put together a Q&A below for what we currently know. Thank you for your patience as we navigate what this means for everyone involved in the activity. More information will be available as it becomes relevant.

Stay safe and healthy, Seattle Cascades! See you all soon!

The Seattle Cascades

Questions and Answers

Q: How has the coronavirus affected the Seattle Cascades so far?

A:It started with the cancelation of our March camp and then moved to the possibility of our April camp being a virtual camp using Zoom and the BAND APP. The Seattle area was one of the first hit with the coronavirus in the United States, this caused challenges finding housing and has affected many families across the State of Washington. At this time, all school districts are closed and have moved to distance learning until further notice. As the virus has spread through the United States, DCI and the Seattle Cascades have decided that it would be irresponsible to try to field a 2020 competitive corps.

Q: Does this mean that the Seattle Cascades has folded?

A: No! We are already planning for the 2021 season, with the generous support of our fans and donors that will happen. We're excited to get back on the field with an exciting show that I'm sure you'll love.

Q: Will there be a 2021 season?

A: Yes, while this pandemic has placed the entire activity at risk, the decision to cancel the season now allows us to start planning the 2021 season. We feel confident in the future of the activity that we all love.

Q: Will there be an extension for members scheduled to age out in 2020?

A: Yes, this was passed by the membership yesterday.

Q: Can the Seattle Cascades survive this crisis?

Yes. While this is unplanned, we have been doing our best to make sure that we are financially stable and ready to take on the 2021 season and beyond.

Q: What is the status of 2020 contracted members?

A: All individuals already offered a contract with the Seattle Cascades for the 2020 season and are in good standing will not have to re-audition for a position in the 2021 corps.

Q: What is the status of member tuition?

A: Like most corps, some of the dues collected have already been applied towards the purchase, deposit, and design. We are in the process of making sure we have all of the information from these commitments, so we know what can be refunded to us at this point. We are committed to refunding as much of the tuition fees as we can while fulfilling our financial obligations. Thank you in advance for allowing us some time to work through these details.

Q: Will the Seattle Cascades do any performances before 2021?

A: We are exploring all options, and nothing is definitive yet. Stay tuned to Seattle Cascades on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the website for updates. This would include a few opportunities for our already contracted members.

Q: I ordered tickets to a DCI show. What is the refund status?

A: If you ordered the tickets through DCI, you would need to contact them for refunds. The Seattle Summer Music Games tickets go through DCI.

Q: How can I help?

A: Today, your gift to Seattle Cascades is more critical than ever. Without appearance fees and revenues from our show, we will depend on your contributions and souvenir purchases to support our daily operations. Even while the drum corps is not on the field. You can help the Seattle Cascades emerge from this crisis, strong and poised for a great future of empowering young people to grow through transformative educational experiences in the arts

If you have already made a gift to the Seattle Cascades, you have our most heartfelt gratitude. If you're in a position to help further, please consider the role this extraordinary organization has played in your life and the lives of thousands for more than 50 years!


Q: How are you doing?

A: We are concerned about you. We know this is difficult news, and it will be challenging for us all. This time can be lonely, but we hope you stay safe and healthy as we look forward to bringing our fans together soon. Our members, staff, alumni, fans, and friends truly mean the world to us.

How can I reach the Seattle Cascades?

Executive Director Brian Smith can be reached at brian.smith@seattlecascades.org

Operations Director Jeremy Bennett can be reached at jeremy.bennett@seattlecascades.org

Educational Director John Wilkerson can be reached at john.wilkerson@seattlecascades.org

Letha Nelson NYMA Board President can be reached at letha.nelson@seattlecascades.org

Our mailing address is 13717 Linden Ave. N #201, Seattle, WA 98133.