The Seattle Cascades are Now Accepting Video Auditions for all Sections

Video auditions can be arranged on a case by case basis for those who can't make it to an Audition Camp. You will submit your video to your caption supervisor showcasing your skills and fundamentals. However, sending in and audition video that is approved won't entirely secure a spot in the drum corps. A down payment towards the 2020 tuition will need to be made as well as attending selected mandatory rehearsal camps. Please contact your caption supervisor for details. Send an e-mail to brass supervisor Chuck Naffier, percussion supervisor Micah Brusse, or guard supervisor Brian Greenleaf at the addresses below to begin the process. (Brass) (Percussion) (Color Guard) (Educational Director)

If you have any other questions please also reach out to our educational director John Wilkerson.

The video audition requirements are the same as the in-person auditioning requirements, which are available to download for free Here.

Once you are ready to audition, please download the video audition Instructions below.

Video Audition instructions

Video Auditions Instructions

There is a $50 registration fee for all video auditions. This fee must be paid at the time of submission, and you need to include a copy of the e-mailed receipt when you provide the link to your video. You can pay the fee by clicking This Link.