Seattle Cascades Welcome New 2020 Staff Members

We are thrilled to welcome Dan Galan and Josh Charles to the Seattle Cascades family!

Josh Charles

​Josh will be our Physical Trainer/Nutritionist, and will also contribute as a Visual Tech.

Currently a group fitness instructor with Shred 415, RowHouse, and J5 CrossFit, he is pursuing his love of helping others with their fitness and nutrition goals! Having marched with Memphis Sound Cymbal line in 2005, Legacy indoor Bass line in 2006 and Gateway Indoor Bass Line in 2007, he knows exactly what it takes to be the best on and off the field! Josh has also spent the last ten years working in fine dining kitchens and most recently owned his own meal prep company called Honey + Thym,

Dan Galan Dan will be our Media Manager for the 2020 season. Born and raised in the Northeast, Dan is a Creative Content Producer with strong personal ties to Drum Corps. He had been a part of multiple ensembles during his High School years, from multiple wind and jazz ensembles to eventually becoming connected to the marching arts by being a part of outdoor music programs and indoor percussion ensembles.

From his passion for music, he cultivated a creative lifestyle which led him to pursue a career in digital design and cinematography. He used the professionalism and determination garnished from being surrounded by the marching arts to lead creative teams across different cultures, states, and countries. He has a deep desire to use his skills to innovate and inspire the drum corps community through visual media. In his career, Dan is currently the Media Director of Timberlake Church, after holding Creative/Media Director positions at multiple large non-profit organizations.

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