Job Posting: Athletic Trainer

Athletic trainer:

The Seattle Cascades Drum and Bugle Corps is looking for a certified athletic trainer to provide professional services for our performing arts organization for the summer. Our student athletes include 150+ brass, percussion and guard performers ages 14-22. The season starts on June 5th in the Seattle area and then the group begins the summer tour schedule traveling throughout the United States performing at 20 venues through Aug 9, 2020. Meals and transportation are provided when staying with the corps. Flight and transportation to and from the corps will also be provided by The Cascades after approval from operational director. This position is paid on a monthly basis. Tour coverage can be split among multiple athletic trainers based on the need for medical personnel throughout the season.

Job Description:

1. Demonstrate the ability to provide injury and illness prevention, wellness promotion and education, emergent care, examination and clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions as set forth by the NATA board of certification standards of practice.

2. Effectively communicate the plan of care and medical clearance status regarding member participation to appropriate staff and corps management.

3. Provide input to staff regarding winter conditioning and summer fitness workout programs as requested.

4. Provide patient education in the areas of sports injury prevention and care to include concussion management and more.

5. Maintain confidential and protected patient information.

6. Organize, maintain, and dispense all first aid and over the counter supplies within your scope of practice.

7. Be a team player by collaborating and communicating with the other members of the team.

8. Perform all duties with the highest of ethical and professional standards utilizing the NATA Code of Ethics as the standard of evaluation.


1. Bachelor's degree or master's degree, verified BOC certification, CPR/AED certification (valid through August 2020), and current state licensure (if required).

2. Effective interpersonal skills to communicate both in person and in writing with members, administrative staff, corps management and other health care team members and parents.

3. Decision making skills to make quick and accurate treatment assessments.

4. Evidence of professional liability insurance.

5. The applicant must pass background check.

6. Provide proof of current health insurance OR purchase supplemental travel / emergency medical protection.

7. Possess proficiency with various technological tools to include (but not limited to) e-mail, word processing, and the ability to quickly learn and become proficient with the corps medial logs located on our Microsoft 365 platform.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Attend all rehearsals and performances unless otherwise occupied treating or coordinating the care of a member or off site with corps director knowledge.

2. Travel on corps vehicles throughout the summer tour.

3. Maintain a personal cell phone and computer in good working order (no compensation available for personal devices).

4. Answer all phone calls and electronic correspondence promptly.

5. Document all significant patient encounters in the electronic health record system.

6. Assist in maintaining tour medical supplies and equipment inventory.


This position reports directly to the tour director, educational director, and operational director.

Application process

Applicants should include a cover letter and professional resume including contact information. At least two (2) references are required (one from an AT professional OR supervisor and one from a team where you have served OR a member of academia). Send all requested application materials to