Job Posting: 2020 Seattle Cascades Health and Wellness Team

Health and Wellness team

Must be at least 21 years of age, be enrolled in or graduated from an accredited program in Nursing, Medical, Athletic Training programs. The individual must have a current CPR/ AED /first aid certification and should submit any license or certifications that are relevant to this position. The individual should be in good physical and mental health, be a self-starter, possess good communication and people skills and be flexible to change.

This paid position is for 3-5 weeks during the summer. Room and board with the drum corps are covered and a small stipend for travel is available based on approval from the operational director.


The responsibilities of the health and wellness team are as follows but may not just be limited to those listed:

1. Setting up the treatment area at designated times in the daily schedule. Assist in disassembling the treatment area prior to travel.

2. Set up and organize supplies for member individual jug cleaning station and monitor the cleaning process.

3. Assist with treatments or other tasks assigned by the medical team staying within the scope of the individual's skill set.

4. Monitoring mealtime in areas such as members/others use of hand sanitizer. Helping kitchen volunteers replenish food or other items that need to be replaced during meals/snacks.

5. Monitor and active participation in the hydration system. Areas to be monitored include Water Crew, cleaning and filling individual Gatorade bottles for the show, hydration of members during practice, hydration preparation for the show, hydration preparation for practice, hydration preparation for bus travel, monitor cleaning procedure for 10 gallon jugs used in hydration system. Assist with hydration responsibilities at show site.

6. Make rounds to each individual section practice area.

7. Monitor medical supplies and restocks supplies as necessary.

8. Will be an active participant in infection control in areas such as proper sanitation of work areas, good hand washing technique, decontamination of instruments/equipment, bus hygiene, jug and bottle cleaning etc.

9. Make pharmacy runs to obtain members prescriptions, may also make hospital/clinic runs, appointment runs to other health care providers when member being cared for by individuals other than the Seattle Cascades Medical Group.

10. May assist in wellness and prevention education if qualified to do so. May assist other departments within the organization if needed and time allows.

11. Individual will use good communication and interpersonal skills when communicating with members, medical team or others and respect confidentiality when appropriate.

The health and wellness team is expected to follow the policies and procedures of the Seattle Cascades Medical Group. The individual will also follow the policies of the Seattle Cascades. The individual will respect the fine line between social and professional relationships maintaining a professional attitude and displaying professional behavior when interacting with members and others. Adhering to a reasonable modesty dress code is expected.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Attend all rehearsals and performances unless otherwise occupied treating or coordinating the care of a member or off site with corps director knowledge.

2. Travel on corps vehicles throughout the summer tour.

3. Maintain a personal cell phone and computer in good working order (no compensation available for personal devices).

4. Answer all phone calls and electronic correspondence promptly.

5. Document all significant patient encounters in the electronic health record system.

6. Assist in maintaining tour medical supplies and equipment inventory.


This position reports directly to the tour director, educational director, and operational director.

Application process

The potential candidate will submit a short resume and provide at least two references, either personal or professional. Application for the position should be sent to Jeremy Bennett Operational Director,