Seattle Cascades Announce Tommy Williams Departure

Seattle, WA - The Northwest Youth Music Association Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to Tommy Williams for the passion and energy he has devoted to the Seattle Cascades Drum and Bugle Corps over the past two years. Serving as Educational Director in 2018 and Corps Director in 2019, Tommy was instrumental in ensuring the continued presence and viability of this organization in the Pacific Northwest and helped us advance our mission to provide youth with exceptional educational and life-enhancing expediencies in the performing arts. Tommy's genuine and heartfelt respect for family and tradition helped ignite a renewed passion among our parent and alumni organizations and has greatly strengthened our ties with the local community. Our 2019 production of Off the Grid was popular with audiences and received positive press and fan acclaim across the country throughout the 2019 competitive season. He oversaw our return to DCI Semi-Finals competition following a two-year gap, ending the 2019 season up two positions from 2018. We sincerely appreciate the countless hours of effort Tommy has invested this organization and the many positive changes and accomplishments those efforts enabled. Tommy leaves our organization stronger, more resilient and even more focused on the quality of our member experience than when he started. We wish him well with all future endeavors.