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Upcoming Seattle Cascades Activities

These are our upcoming events, including auditions, rehearsal camps and other Seattle Cascades sanctioned activities.  Find out more by clicking on the event you are interested in.  Rehearsal Camp locations are usually updated a week or two before the date, and you will be notified in mail once you register.  For camps, registration is open for the next scheduled camp (one camp at a time). 

2020 Camp Schedule

  • December 
    Seattle 13th-15th Full Corps  

  • January 
    Seattle 24th-26th Brass & Percussion 

  • February 
    Seattle 21st-23rd Brass & Percussion

  • March
    Seattle 20th-22nd Brass

  • April
    Seattle 24th-26th Full Corps/ Colorguard Callback Auditions

  • May
    22nd -25th Full Corps 

  • June 

     Spring training June 5th  

These dates are subject to change, so please monitor the website for updates and locations!  Tour schedule will be provided once finalized. However  I can tell you this will be an exciting tour with new adventures!

Seattle Cascades Drum and Bugle Corps

is an activity of the Northwest Youth Music Association, 
a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation 

Federal ID 23-7411558

Northwest Youth Music Association

13717 Linden Ave. N #201

Seattle, WA 98133