Props for Sale

The Seattle Cascades Drum & Bugle Corps, has props for sale that were designed exclusively by Lee Fabricators in Silverdale, Washington, built by Derek Gruber and utilized by Seattle Cascades in their 2017 production, Set Free. The base and stage that surrounds the cage were designed and built by Rob Haas and Tanner McMurtray.

The props are available for immediate pickup after the DCI Championships on August 11, 2017. The birdcage features a strong steel frame construction with surrounding platforms, that acts as a stage and storage.  The 16 piece stage is Ideal for storing and staging equipment such as flags, rifles, and sabers. The prop will bring your production to life. Along with high-quality wheels and carefully planned weight distribution, these props are safe, sturdy, and simple to put together.

Contact if you are interested in learning more.

Details & Features

The main cage with its base is 12 feet in diameter and can be split in half for easy transport and storage. The cage when fully constructed stands at 16 feet tall.


The center piece features a ladder with a platform on top. The dome on top of the cage is broken up into three pieces that connects to the cage and the ladder. The stage can fit one performer on top and has a railing that allows a harness to be attached to your performer. 

The steel frame is strong enough to support multiple performers and is extremely versatile. The front of the cage also features a set of french doors that open and closes with the use of strong magnets. 

All pieces when broken down can be easily stored in a 26 foot box truck.


The prop is available for pickup immediately after the DCI World Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana. Delivery to nearby locations or along our route back to Seattle is also a possibility.


If you have additional questions or need more information about pricing, pick up, or delivery, email Michael Tran at