Bartell Drug 'B' Caring Card

By simply shopping at one of the 61 Bartell Drug stores* in the Pacific Northwest, up to 4% of your purchase amount will be contributed to the Cascades. The ‘B’ Caring Card is not a gift card so no purchase is required up front.

Next time you are shopping at Bartell Drugs, ask your cashier for a 'B' Caring Card. You can register in-store, on-line, or by phone.  Make sure to use the name Northwest Youth Music Association and our ID: 500825805.  Then, just have the cashier swipe your ‘B’ Caring Card at checkout or type in your 10-digit phone number, and a percentage of your total bill will be sent to the Seattle Cascades!

Click on the Bartell 'B' card to get started!

Name: Northwest Youth Music Association

ID: 500825805

*There are also many other stores (including grocery stores) across the country that participate in this program. Please see if your local store is on the current list: