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The corps was founded in 1957 by Jack Avery as the all-male Greenwood Boys Club Drum and Bugle Corps in Seattle’s Greenlake area. In 1958, Roderick Stubbs became the director of the corps and changed the name to the Seattle Thunderbirds. With no other drum corps in their region, the corps existed as a parade and stand-still exhibition unit. The corps raised money to support its operations by holding bingo games at the Greenlake VFW, which became one of the corps’ sponsors. After witnessing the 1963 VFW Junior Drum and Bugle National Championships in Seattle, the Thunderbirds leadership decided to put the corps on the competition field.

1964 was a groundbreaking year for the Seattle Thunderbirds. Under the leadership of George Laumin and Jack Little, the corps entered the field with a program of show tunes and modern field drill. They were the first west coast corps to use contrabass bugles and multi-tenor drums. They travelled by train to Cleveland for VFW Nationals. Additionally, the corps started a feeder corps and named it the Thunderbird Cadets, under the direction of Rod Stubbs and Jack Avery, with the major performance during its inaugural season being the Rose Festival Parade in Portland, Oregon.


In 1966, amid much dissension, Rod Stubbs left the Thunderbird organization, and with some of its marching members, started a new corps, named the Cascade Cadets. In 1970, many staff and marching members of the Seattle Thunderbirds defected to the Cascade Cadets, which then changed its name to the Seattle Cascades, After the 1972 season, the remnants of the Thunderbirds organization were absorbed into the Seattle Cascades. In 1977, for the first time, the Cascades traveled to DCI Finals in Denver, also attending American Legion Nationals in the Denver suburbs. Although they had some competitive success in its early days, some years the organization struggled to put a corps on the field. Some years the Cascades did not field and only marched in parades or went inactive.

The Seattle Cascades goal is to provide the best experience and create opportunities for students to experience performing arts at the highest level.

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Donvan Arambul*

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Michael Day

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Bill Foulds

Scott Gilberts*

Lilly Goble

MaryAnn Haas

Ronald Holeman* 66-68, 70-71

Carol Junglov* 77-79

Karen Kosciolek* 71-78

In loving memory of Frank Kosciolek & Teresa Woodward*

Kim Lapp

In honor of our grandson,

corps member Nate Ellis

Tiffany Lawrence

Karen Lindsay*

Gary Lynch

Timothy Mack*

Jerry Masters

Dorothy McCain

Mike Mess

Andy Moore

Casey Moore

Sharon Moore

Lisa Mullavey

Letha Nelson

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Debbie Onishi

Phil Onishi* 76-79

Kelly Paschalis

* Seattle Cascades Alumnus


Brian Pattinson

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Ed Petkavich*

In memory of Denise George

Sahara Pirie

Healing for the Body & Soul

Barbara Rahke

Joseph Riordan* 06-07

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Suzanne Roman*  81-88

John Ronald

Tamara Sellman

Garth Stubbs*

Elizabeth Thompson

Kyle Thompson

Michael Tran* 10,13

Kara Ulrich

Charlie Valencia

In honor of corps member            

Ethan Walters

John Wagnon* 74-79

Dan Walters

Stephanie Wiegand

Marijo Yates

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